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21st February 2020

Never send your photograph through e-mail to unknown persons

Never send photograph of family, yourself and friends through e-mail to strangers or to anyone you meet online .This can be misused by dostoring your face onto some one else’s image, advertising and can also be used to obtain personal details that you might not have wished to disclose. So never send your photograph or allow them to circulate on the web

17th February 2020 - 23rd February 2020

Never open web-links in your e-mail. Always type links in Web browser

Some fraudulent e-mails contain clever and compelling language that prompts recipients to click on links. These links lead to fraudulent Websites that may look legitimate and seek personal information and also have software to identify your
IP address and use the same for fraudulent practises. So in order to avoid these attacks always type the web-links in web browser

February 2020

Never open e-mails from unknown persons

Be protected of e-mails from strangers. Never open an e-mail with an attachment from a source that is unknown or suspicious. Virus containing e-mails can be very persuasive in the subject line. Do not let your curiosity cloud your good sense.

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